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“The Best GAP Cover In The World Since 1992”. No idle boast…consider the facts!

All GAP insurance policies state in the big print that it will in the event of a write-off, pay your customer the difference between their motor insurance settlement and the original invoiced purchase cost of the vehicle or any greater outstanding finance.

However, the small print in other GAP polices tell a very different story, e.g.. Standard Market And/or Insured Value Clause: “If your customer does not obtain the preaccident Retail Market Value as given by Glass’s Guide, or the vehicle’s Insured Value from their motor insurer, they will only pay out the much smaller difference between the greater Glass’s Guide Retail Market Value or the Insured Value if greater and the invoiced purchase cost of the vehicle”.

Pre-Approval of Motor Ins. Settlement Offer: A. “You must not accept any settlement offer made by your motor insurance company until you have contacted us and we have agreed the offer”.

B.” If you do accept a settlement offer from the motor insurance company without our consent, we will settle your claim based on the Glass’s Guide Retail Market Value of your vehicle at the date of incident”. Effect on Your Customer, most customers will have accepted an offer from their motor insures before making a GAP claim. In any event, as motor insurers rarely, if ever, pay-out Glass’s Retail, or the greater Insured Value (usually the purchase cost and only available on classic cars), your customer will not receive the full GAP settlement anticipated, and may still have greater outstanding finance.

The Asset Secure Difference …Since 1992

Asset Secure® GAP is different because it pays out the actual difference between your customers’ motor insurance settlement, Glass’s Guide Retail or not, and the vehicle’s net invoice price. There are no small print claim reduction, unfair rejection clauses or nebulous get-out terms. Most Important Asset Secure ® Does Not Cost More.